Rain, that fells from above,
Clean my soul, clean my body
Clean all the filthy that I have hide inside of me
Clean my life, clean my day
Take this sadness that hides me from my way
Clean my scars, clean my regrets
But never leave me, cause it’s you,
you that allows me to move on
cause it’s you,
you that gives me strength to move on
And, please, don’t forget the depression that never left me
Take it with you too.
Please, take it. Please, just take it.

By Life Designed by Imagination


I’m done


Never thought that I could just release every and all the emotions that I felt into the writing. I never believed in myself. Always, so scared of what people may think and say.

But I’m done. I’m done with people that don’t help and just criticize. And it’s not even the kind of critics that help you improve. No. It’s just so they can feel better about themselves.

But what about me? About every being in this crappy planet? Don’t they matter? Don’t I matter? Don’t my feeling matter? To anyone? Not even to me?

I’ll just hide in “my shell” and intend never to leave. Not until someone, anyone around me cares about anything but themselves. Because I prefer to hide from this world than to live and suffer in it.

I’m, just, done!

By Life Designed by Imagination



Being antagonist of a story I didn’t want to live.
How sad is to regret. Regret what? Regret to live?
Not knowing and knowing too much, what’s worse?
Maybe, knowing and doing nothing.
Or maybe even, doing and not knowing exactly what to do?
Either way, a lost cause, like life itself.

By Life Designed by Imagination

Welcome to my Imagination


Feeling the sun in my face and the wind in my hair,
feeling my mind fill up with air.
Seeing pictures in my head and
imagining worlds where I can go,
and just be there.
There, the place where anything can happen
where I can finally be happy.

By Life Designed by Imagination

Hello world!

I finally had the courage and made a blog, and I’ll call it my compilation of useless crazy stuff from my head. I’m not really a writer, I just write, something that anybody can do it. I’m not here to impress anyone, make myself famous or, even, to call attention. No, I just want to write down what’s on my mind. That’s why nobody that I know, with much hope, is reading this.

One advice for you reader:

  • Trying to understand what I write may be hard, so don’t put much effort into it.

Well, I think that’s enough, good luck if you’re still here. 🙂